What is FoodScape?


Our aim is to enrich our environment and communities through revolutionary design and ethics.

We create beautiful landscapes, which are naturally easy-to-care-for ecosystems, replacing high maintenance lawns and gardens.
Our landscaping teams focus on hiring marginalized workers, with the belief that earth work is healing and improves their overall quality of life.


Our vision for the future includes the sustainable health of ecosystems; financial, environmental and interpersonal.
This ensures food security, social support and meaningful work is made available to all. 


When a social enterprise profits - Society profits

A social enterprise is a business which is designed to create a meaningful social impact.

Traditional businesses offer a product or service, they make a profit which grows the company or goes into the pockets of the owners or shareholders. Those businesses may donate to a charity or not-for-profit for a tax credit.
However the bulk of the profits benefit the company or its owners, not a social good.

The goal of a social enterprises is to offer products or service which will create a social good for the community. 

The social good can be improvements to the financial, social or environmental well-being of society. The money made is reinvested back into the local community in a way which enables us to tackle social problems.

FoodScape is a social enterprise which tackles multiple social issues.

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Solidarity Co-operative

A co-operative can be defined as "jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit."

FoodScape is 2 different types of co-operative joined in one, which is typically called a Solidarity Co-operative or a multi-stakeholder co-operative. The two key stakeholders are the workers and the clients.
In both cases profits are divided and shared, returned back into the community. 
The entire function of FoodScape is to create social impact which benefits everyone, members and non-members alike. Profit sharing is just one way we return wealth to the community.

Worker-Owner Co-op

Our staff are co-owners, after a season on the work team employees have the opportunity to become worker-owners. This means they have a voice within the company and are encouraged to share their ideas with the team, so we are constantly growing and improving.  Each year 1/3 of the net profits is divided between all the staff, the percentage they receive is based on the number of hours they have worked, including volunteer hours and referrals.

We believe that there is a sense of pride and responsibility which is only afforded to worker teams who share the role of co-ownership.  Which is one way we strive to bring healing and community to our staff teams. 

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Client Membership  Co-op

In Canada, the most trusted businesses are Client Memberships Co-ops, because clients know they have a return on investment and complete transparency about the business practices and decisions. 

Our clients support our vision by buying our products and services, because of that they also benefit from profit sharing. Each year all clients receive an equal portion of the profits, with bonuses for new clients referrals. As the company grows and we gain more clients, the profits will grow and more money will be shared in the community.

Members enjoy regular updates and discounts, transparent access to business practices and participate in decision making and governance.

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