The most irrigated crop in North America.
Grass consumes more water, time and energy then any other crop

Imagine what earth could be if the land we use for growing grass, was instead dedicated to sustainable Urban Ecosystems...

The plants, birds and animals all working in harmony, naturally. Restoring the beautiful balance we see growing in forests, without the help of humans

Are you ready to transform the earth?
Begin with your yard.



Imagine stepping outside your door to pick fresh summer berries to add to your morning cereal.
You're confidant they are nutritious, delicious and saving you money on your grocery bills.

Your favorite fresh food market is right outside your door.



Indigenous Land Care

Living in harmony with Mother Earth is the goal of many communities today. End the tedious work of trying to control and maintain unnatural yards or gardens.

Instead adopt a low or no-maintenance yard-space which uses native plant species to create a healthy beautiful lush urban Eco-system


S.p.i.n Farms

Small Plot INtensive farms - have you ever wished you could turn a profit from what you grow on your own property?

From fruits or vegetables, herbs or hemp, herbal tea or healing plants - we can help you start your own SPIN farm.