Sacred Medicine Garden

The Sacred Medicine Garden

The Sacred Medicine Garden


Not long ago Indigenous people in Canada were denied the ability practice their spirituality, to use sacred medicines and gather in ceremony.  Those spiritual practices kept the community strong and individuals healthy. 

As the spiritual practices were denied there was a sharp decline in the health, wellness and community supports of Indigenous communities.  By removing the ability to practice these healing spiritual rites it made room for terrible plagues to move in, such as isolation, addiction and mental health issues. 

It is time to make right those wrongs.

By choosing to install a sacred medicine garden, your company or institution will be saying in a powerful way "We respect your spirituality and support support restoring those practices for healing"



The Sacred Medicine Garden - top view

The Sacred Medicine Garden - top view

Sacred Medicine Gardens are reconciliation through place-making.  Even today, there are very few places in urban communities where Indigenous people can practice their spirituality.  Sacred medicines have been removed from the Urban Landscape to make room for cement, sky-rises and foreign grasses.

The gardens carry the teachings of the medicine wheel, each direction holds knowledge of seasons, ages of our lives and align with 4 sacred medicines;

Sage - Cedar - Sweet grass - Tobacco

The living sculpture design creates 4 micro-climates which support the growth of the 4 plant medicines. Once installed it is a location where the public can come to collect medicines for prayer and offerings to Elders and community leaders. 

Sacred Medicine Gardens are

  • teaching/ learning opportunities

  • community building by encouraging medicine harvesting

  • your visible commitment to Truth & Reconciliation

  • a way to restore Sacred Medicines in urban settings



These gardens have been designed for

Urban Indigenous Centers/ Offices ~ Grade Schools ~ Universities ~ Community Centers ~ Neighborhood Green Spaces ~ Community Gardens ~ Youth Centers  ~ Government Buildings ~ Corporate HQ ~ Hospitals ~ Libraries  ~ Police Stations ~ Fire Stations ~ Historical Landmarks ~ Cultural Teaching Centers ~ Addiction Treatment Centers ~ Social Housing Communities ~ Co-op Housing ~ Mental Health Housing ~ Senior Housing ~ Medical Clinics ~ Remand Centers ~ Cemeteries


Gardens are available in a variety of styles and price points.
Custom designs can be made available for unique locations and communities.

The gardens will include a series of community building events, including events which will encourage members of your organization to participate and learn more about local Indigenous culture

  • Consultation - ensuring this concept is the right path for your organization on its journey towards building meaningful relationships with Indigenous members of your community by honouring their spiritual practices and cultural traditions.

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony with Elder - an meaningful event for honouring past and future intentions for Truth & Reconciliation

  • Construction - gardens are created by hiring Indigenous Earth Workers and those who have barriers to employment, as well as an opportunity for members of your organization to volunteer and help with the construction

  • Planting Ceremony - Each of the Sacred Medicines are placed into the garden by leaders of your organization, Indigenous members of your community and celebrated partners. This is a wonderful event to celebrate with the community.

  • Harvesting Medicines - Whether the event is lead by members of your community or if you extend an invitation to learn the protocol of harvesting medicines with an Elder this event is designed to build meaningful relationships.

    These spaces are designed to give free and open access to Sacred Medicines for anyone who practices Indigenous spirituality and lives within an urban city. These gardens are not a replacement for traditional Elder lead medicine gathering or teachings.

Sacred Medicine Garden Monument

This Sacred Medicine Garden is artwork which comes alive.
Featuring the 4 medicines surrounding a sculpture of an abalone shell smudge bowl.  This space encourages medicine gathering, and also prayer and meditation within a smudge ceremony.

Cement pathways separate the 4 unique ecosystems which are dedicated to the 4 sacred medicines.  These pathways also allow this design to scale from 3 to 5 meters in diameter depending on the space (9’-16’feet), as the medicines will still remain within arms reach.



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